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From changemakers for changemakers: We are proud to share that all the current listings in this Directory were either suggested, sourced and/or evaluated by a group of 30 young changemakers from the networks of The Possibilists Alliance from around the world. Their choice was informed by what they deemed relevant and high quality offers for their fellow social innovators?

Beta-Version: Please note that this site is just a first basic version of the Directory. We plan to learn from your feedback and suggestions and include many more features and offers in the future. Thank you!

Legal Disclaimer: The profiles in the Directory only include publicly available information and were created in good faith and solely for general information purposes. They do not constitute legally binding advice. Any actions taken by users of the site based on the information provided are solely at the users own risk and The Possibilists accepts no liability for any potential damages resulting from the users actions. 
Organisations can request edits to their profiles here and reach out to for any questions or should they ever wish for their profile to be removed.


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