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Matthias Scheffelmeier, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ChangemakerXchange:
Nick McGirl, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ChangemakerXchange:

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June 2021: The cost of changing the world: New study shines a spotlight on the massive positive impact of young social innovators in Europe, yet also reveals high levels of stress, burnout and financial insecurity.

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Full Press Kit, including press release, pictures of young changemakers, quotes and more.

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Key Findings from the 2021 report:

Young changemakers in Europe are resilient, innovative and intrinsically motivated to change the world and improve the lives of others. But they are struggling. Social entrepreneurship is a difficult undertaking in the best of times and the COVID-19 pandemic has added an additional element of uncertainty.

The three main challenges that young social innovators in Europe face:


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