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Matthias Scheffelmeier, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ChangemakerXchange / The Possibilists:
Miriam Sweeney, Programmes Lead at ChangemakerXchange / The Possibilists:

Press Release

May 2022: New worldwide alliance launches global ‘Yellow Pages’ with offers for support for young changemakers

Press Kit

Full Press Kit, including press release, pictures of young changemakers, quotes and more.

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The Possibilists

What is it?
The Possibilists is a joint initiative between 16 of the world’s biggest and leading youth social innovation communities. Together, they work directly with hundreds of thousands of young social innovators and reach a social media audience of over 3 million. It is the first time in the sector so many organisations have come together to collaborate and co-create solutions to create better conditions for Changemakers so they can thrive personally and sustain and scale their impact.

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Our Mission
The Possibilists aims to create a shared understanding of the needs of young changemakers in order to increase alignment and desire within the support ecosystem to collaboratively improve the conditions, so that young Changemakers thrive personally and are supported to sustain and scale their impact.​

What does it do?

(a) Research & Report
We run scientific studies to explore the impact, challenges and needs of these young changemakers. We believe these reports will become a leading resource for governments, foundations, civil society and anyone willing to support young social innovators

(b) Collective Action Projects 
We launch collective action projects targeted at improving the ecosystem for young changemakers, the first being The Possibilists Directory, a repository of support offers  or changemakers. 

Possibilists Directory
The Possibilists Directory is a global repository of nearly 500 grant making, capacity building and support programs for young social innovators. It will be freely accessible for young changemakers at The listings are hand-picked and curated with the help of young innovators from across the Possibilists network, to ensure every listing is relevant and contains the most up to date information.

Key Findings from the 2021 The Possibilists report:

The Global Study

Key challenges that young changemakers face:

The European Report

Key Results

The three main challenges that young social innovators in Europe face:

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