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With all their passion, commitment, motivation and creativity, imagine what young changemakers could do if they were supported in really meaningful ways. To that The Possibilists Alliance launched the Ecosystem Solutions Initiative. Through the initiative we source, document, present and connect the world’s best ecosystemic solutions which address the challenges and recommendations presented in the Possibilists study.

This is your chance to truly improve the lives of young changemakers and share your offer with thousands of them worldwide. Join us!

Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis
The database to share the offers with young changemakers globally is set to launch in February 2022

Three steps we aim to take

Sourcing solutions
Step 1:
Sourcing and selection

Initiatives, who offer support to young changemakers and address the key recommendations presented in The Possibilists report can submit their solutions to our global digital database.

Giving visibility
Step 2:
Repository of solutions

We create a freely accessible digital database of the best offers and connect them to thousands of young changemakers in the alliance’s collective networks and beyond. This database is set to launch in February 2022.

Connected eco-system
Step 3:
Online Meet-Ups

We regularly gather the innovators behind the solutions, alliance members and young changemakers via various interactive online sessions focused on peer-learning and collective action. The first such meeting took place in November 2021 and more will follow.

Selection Criteria

We are looking for Ecosystemic Solutions

which truly improve the lives, work and wellbeing conditions for young changemakers:
  1. Innovation and Relevance
    The solution should be innovative and address the actual needs and wishes of young changemakers as presented in the Possibilists study.
  2. Impact and Scalability
    We look for solutions which already create tangible impact and have the potential to scale.
  3. Willingness to connect
    The innovators behind the solutions should have an interest and desire to connect with like-minded individuals and the broader eco-system.
The solution should be innovative and address the actual needs and wishes of young changemakers as presented in the Possibilists study.

Examples of ecosystemic solutions

Finance Agency for Social Entrepreneurship
Germany / Europe

FASE supports social enterprises with innovative solutions in finding the appropriate financing to grow and scale. They have built a network of over 500 impact investors across Europe who are constantly looking for innovative changemakers.

recipes for wellbeing
Recipes for Wellbeing

Recipes for Wellbeing works towards shifting the culture of changemaking towards wellbeing and provides young changemakers with a repository
of wellbeing exercises and resources.

Bridge for Billions
Bridge for Billions

Bridge for Billions provides mentorship and capacity building to underrepresented startup social enterprises.

Project Together

ProjectTogether provides young changemakers with mentoring, connections and monthly stipends so they can focus on scaling their impact.

Together we can create a change making eco-system that works well for all.


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