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Why Europe needs Possibilists

These are challenging times, for Europe and beyond, as we face a global pandemic, a climate crisis, and the rise of nationalist parties. To overcome these complex challenges, we will need to seek innovative and sustainable solutions, on both the global and local level. We will need to apply new ways of thinking and tap into previously overlooked resources. And in fact, we have a powerful force for change that is just waiting to be recognized. Youth.

A powerful force for change

Billion youth Aged Of global population
Aged Billion youth Of global population
There are 447 million people in Europe, of whom 74 million are aged 15-29 years. In 2020, there were over 2,04 million youth in EU-27 who were self-employed

Mans of these self-employed youth are tackling the most pressing issues of our time, whether it be education, reducing systemic racism and inequality or tackling the climate crisis. They are leading social innovation initiatives and they believe in a better world, and a better future, for all. And they’re willing to give almost everything to achieve it. It’s time we support them much more!

Vera Günther
Mimycri Germany
Jan Stassen
Jonathan Funke
Tip Me Germany

The study

The Possibilists study was conducted in 2021 by an alliance of 16 of the world’s leading youth social innovation networks. It was driven by the desire to better understand the lives and realities of young changemakers.

We’re now taking a deep dive into the European context


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